Corbett Machaan Resort - Bio Diversity

Bio Diversity - Corbett Machaan Resort

Corbett national park is famous for its rich wildlife and natural beauty. Now Corbett national park also holds the record for maximum tiger density in wild habitat in the world. Below mentioned are the details of wildlife present in Corbett national park.


The rich vegetation of Corbett national park supports a lot of herbivorous wildlife which in turn attracts a huge population of carnivores.

Deer Species - Sambar Deer, Spotted deer, Barking deer or kakkar, hog deer

Cat Species - Royal Bengal tiger, Leopard, leopard cat, jungle cat, caracal and many others

Dog Family - Jackal, Himalayan red fox

Other Mammals - Asiatic Elephant, Wild boar, langoors, rhesus macaque, Sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, civet cats, porcupines, pengulins and many more.


Corbett national park is a paradise for bird watchers with presence of more than 550 species of birds. Some of the birds are migratory and others are resident species of Corbett national park. Winters is considered as the best time for bird watching at Corbett as one gets the opportunity to spot rare Himalayan birds in and around the park. Some of the birds found in Corbett national park are mentioned below.

Birds of prey - Serpent eagle, changeable hawk eagle, ospray, shikra, collered falconut, black shouldered kite, common kite, white rumped vultures, king vultures, Egyptian vultures and many more.

Grassland birds - Long tailed and short tailed shrikes, Green bee eaters, bule tailed bee eaters, chest nut headed bea eaters, bush chat, stone chats and many more.

Birds found near water bodies - Egrets, cormorants, common king fisher, white throated kingfisher, pied king fisher, crested kingfisher, long billed king fisher, spoon bill, herons, sand pipers, rudy shell duck, white browed wagtail and many more.

Birds found in forests and bushes - Common maina, red vented bulbul, white whiskered bulbul, Alexander parakeet, slatey headed parakeet, plum headed parakeet, flame back woodpecker, common woodpecker, yellow naped woodpecker, jungle babbler and many more.


There are more than 20 species of reptiles found in Corbett national park. Details of some of them are mentioned below.

Gharial & Muggar, Common Cobra, King Cobra, Indian Rock Pythons, Monitor Lizard, common krait, checkered keel back, russels wiper, sal forest turtle, wolf snake and many more.